FACES (Fostering Awareness of Community by Engaging Students) is an IUPUI student organization, consisting of IU School of Medicine and Public Health student volunteers, who serve the homeless community through various outreach activities. Funded under the Medical Student Service Learning Group, FACES organizes art activities, lunch talks, health panels, and discussion groups on health topics that affect those experiencing homelessness.

FACES reached out to Herron Visual Communication Design students with the intent of increasing involvement in healthcare for vulnerable populations in Indianapolis.

A journey map was designed to illustrate the actions, thoughts, and emotions of a new FACES volunteer, from the point of awareness of FACES to finishing a meet and greet activity with the homeless community.

Finally, challenge areas indicated by the exclamation point icon signify touchpoints where attention is needed to improve the experience.

The FACES Community Bus provides a hands-on learning environment for IUPUI medical and public health students. Students serve the homeless community by providing necessity supplies and creating kind-hearted relationships.

FACES values building caring relationships with the homeless community through conversation. With the help of Conversation Starter Cards, IUPUI medical and public health students can prepare for meeting the community prior to attending bus activities.